From Aug 2015, Registration Form of Temporary Residence has new name "Accommodation Registration Form" in Beijing.

Registration Form Temporary Residence Beijing

Tianjin BeichakaThis form is called as Beichaka in Tianjin.
Kunming Registration Form by Police Station

Shanghai Police issued Registration Form

Shanghai Police Registration Form

Shanghai Hotel issued Registration Form

Registration Form of Temporary Residence Shanghai

Guangzhou Registration Form of Temporary Residence

Registration Form Temporary Residence Guangzhou

Xiamen Accommodation Registration form


Within 24 hours of arriving in Beijing, all foreigners must be registered at the local police station near their residence (hotel or apartment).

  • If you are staying in a hotel or service apartment, the reception will automatically ask for your passport for registration.
  • If you live in an apartment or share an apartment with your friend, you should personally go to the local police station with your passport and rental contract to obtain the white temporary residence sheet free of charge.

  See how to register with police station in China.


The following situations ask foreigners to update their Registration Form of Temporary Residence:

  • Move to a new address;
  • Change a new passport;
  • Change visa category;
  • Renew/extend visa;
  • Re-enter China (even with the same visa).

With the Beijing Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Shanghai one is not valid in Beijing), you can:

We strongly suggest you to scan all the Registration Form of Temporary Residences you get in China for your future use.

2013 1st case of paying fine for staying without getting Registration Form of Temporary Residence: 2 South Korean Males Fined For 4 days stay without Registration in Qingdao

2016 Tianjin emphasize that foreigners should get accommodation registration form in 24 hours: Tianjin Exit-Entry Department (Immigration) Latest Notice for Foreigners

If you do not take time to deal with this, you will face fine up to 2000 RMB, according to the new China Immigration Law which came into force on the 1st of July, 2013.