1-year China Business Visa Solution 2014

Beijing Expat Service Center is offering new Chinese visa solution for our clients on and from the 7th May 2014. This visa is available for people from most countries, but as each person has their own visa status, we suggest you to contact us at least 7 days before the expiry date of your visa for confirmation.



  1. Don't ask you to leave China, which means you can stay in the Chinese city you like and get it.
  2. Allow you to stay in China for 6 months at first, the re-enter China for another 170 days.
  3. Takes 3-4 business days to get.
  4. Renewable.

People who can't get it

  1. Foreigners who has Residence Permit.
  2. Foreigners whose last entry stamp shows 7 months ago.
  3. Foreigners whose passport's validity is less than 15 months.

Required Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Passport photo (White background, 2 pics)

Please send us the digital copy of following pages for evaluation:

  1. Photo page of your passport.
  2. Current visa page of your passport.
  3. Last entry stamp page of your passport.

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  Americans can get 10-year multiple-entry China visa now.

Brief Contact Information

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0086 189 1161 3371
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