Buying the right car insurance (auto insurance) coverage and shopping for the most affordable price are important considerations whether you buy a new car or used in Beijing. The Beijing City requires some form of car insurance (auto insurance) but even if that were not the case, driving without it is a huge gamble with the property and lives of driver and passengers.

Finding the right insurance coverage at an affordable price in Beijing can be as important as finding the best doctor, dentist, or school for your children. Your car/auto insurance policy should provide coverage beyond just the minimal because you value your family above all others. Our car insurance (auto insurance) quote form is a quick and secure way to get cheap insurance quotes in Beijing from multiple insurers.


In case of you wanna buy a car in Beijing, there are 2 big catergories of car insurance you need to consider before you register your car and drive.

Traffic Compulsory Insurance. This type insurance is used for compensating third-party injures and death caused in an accident. All vehicles drive on roads need to buy this traffic compulsory insurance. Insurance company will cover the third party during the traffic accidents: it will cover all property and life losses except owner of the car, passengers on board. Since all vehicles drive on roads have this insurance, it will cover the car if 2 or more cars hits. Max. compensate: RMB 60,000. The insurance company will compensate whoever the responsibility of an accident. The compensate will be 20% of the max. compensate (RMB 60,000 x 20%= 12,000) when the vehicle's driver has no responsibility during an accident.

Commercial Insurance. This type insurance is used for compensating claims beyond the level that Vehicle Compulsory Insurance provides.

  1. Vehicle Damage Insurance. The car damage insurance is designed for covers damage of your vehicle. Insurance company will not provides compensate after car knocks, hits or accidents.
  2. Robbery and theft Insurance. Covers your car and contents in the event of theft or burglary. For used car, the insurance will only choose to compensate the lower one of your vehicle invoice or depreciation price of your vehicle.
  3. Third party Liablity insurance. This is a suplimentary insurance, in case of your Vehicle Compulsory Insurance can't cover your damages.
  4. Quota-free Insurance. This means you do not have to pay the typical 20% of total compensation if you are at fault.
  5. Vehicle Windows Glass Insurance. Other coverage does not compensate for damage to window glass. This does.
  6. Seat / passengers Insurance. Covers passengers in the event of an accident (purchase according to the number of seats).
  7. Natural Damage Insurance. If your car is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, fire, etc. this type will cover it.
  8. Driver Insurance. Covers the driver in the event of injury or death.
  9. Scratch Insurance. For small scratches and repairs below 500RMB.
  10. Engine Insurance for Abnormal Circumstance. Only covers your car engine in the event that it is damaged due to abnormal events such as floods due to a water main break or other non-natural disaster.

Beijing Expat Service Center provides Car insurance / Auto insurance services for expats with several different options in insurance companies and coverage. We work closely with the top two Chinese Car Insurers - PICC and Ping An's Beijing Branches.


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