Created on 2011/04/28

For years experience in handling Chinese work visa application in China, we deeply understand that a tiny misunderstanding on documents requirements will leads to failure.

For years experience in fixing Chinese work visa application troubles, we deeply understand that how hard it will be to prepare the required documents and your feeling when everything is done but a diploma.

We are here to simplify your work and provide more options for you in following cases:

I prepared everything before I visit China, but I didn't bring my diploma with me;

The company which offer me a job don't have experience in Chinese work visa application;

I am a specialist in my field, but I am 61 now... ...

Be aware that we are not going to provide you following documents, in other words you have to prepare them:

  • 2 Blue-background passport formatted photos
  • Your passport with valid visa
  • Resident permit within valid date
  • Foreigner Employment Certificate with annual inspection
  • Application form for Resident Permit / Foreigner Visa
  • Official application letter with red seal from your employer company
  • Copy of Health Certificate issued or authenticated by the Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Administration (Should be from the city that your employer is located)
  • Copy of the Business License and Organization Code License of the company,if your company is foreign enterprise, please also provide Certificate of Approval for Foreign Enterprise

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