In China, the local police of most cities has jurisdiction of the PCC, and the Central Government of China doesn't have a department like FBI to issue PCC nationwide. So minor differences among Chinese cities exist in internal procedures and required documents.

The reasons of rejection are various, due to the internal rules and procedures of each Chinese city. Here we list the most common reasons as below:

1 Don't have the passport which covers your China period 

2 Don't have Accommodation Registration Form

3 Don't have Residence Permit

4 Name changed

Explanation for China PCC failure

The police station needs your passport or accommodation registration form to confirm your residence and its jurisdiction, if you don't have these documents, the police station may not issue a police clearance certificate, according to PSB's internal procedure.

Some Chinese cities will not issue a police clearance certificate unless you held a residence permit.

The name of passport holder might be translated into a different English name while the new passport is issued. For example, The applicant "محمد" might have an old passport which name was translated as "Muhammad" in English, while his current passport Urdu name is translate as "Mohammad".  As "محمد" can be translated as Muhammad but also Mohammad in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Beijing Expat Service Center can help in getting proof that a China PCC is unobtainable.

More about our China PCC service:

The flowchart which explains our procedure of getting China police clearance certificate.

 has to be signed by the applicant and scanned as 1 of the required documents.

Our China PCC service are available in the following Chinese cities.

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